I go out Monday to Sunday, don't get back home till dawn. Six o'clock, I start predrinking, gotta get get my pregame on. Guest list got my name on it, them door girls do me right. Bitches in line all jealous. Friday's Bridge-and-Tunnel night. In line with jealous haters acting like they don't talk shit all up on Facebook, Manhunt, Twitter, jealous of my ladystick.

Don't judge me, you ain't a jury. Bitch, you wastey stumbley slurry. Fuck your muscles, girl, you just some trash from Surrey.

Put your O face on, put your O face on, get your bronzer and your hair gel and your fake Louis Vuitton. Put your O face on, put your O face on. Fucking haters, I'mma go off in their faces like a bomb.

I see them bitches' comments up on every single blog calling me a prostitution whore, a dirty lady dog. Well keep it coming, bitches: it's free publicity with all them jealous motherfuckers trying to piss on me.

I don't care if you love this song, just fucking put your shirt back on.


from Send In The Robots, released March 15, 2010
Performed by Peter Breeze. Written and composed by Maxwell Maxwell.



all rights reserved


Peter Breeze Vancouver

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