When you look at me like that, it makes me wonder what you spike those eyes with. Feels like I'm under attack: "Survival of the Most Desperate Lovers." How do I look when I stop-stop cold in my tracks? Gotta go, find me in the west side. Wait around to go for a ride, I'm like a luxury car anyone can pay to drive. I don't trust myself around you; I can't control myself around you. I wanna work it like you do, and so I find myself on every corner so beautifully abused. If this is your world, then I'm a foreigner. You've got me all black and blue, all twisted up until I lose my grip on the facts. Your equation's got me confused. Don't need protection cause I always cover my tracks.

Oh god, I think I'm in love.


from Send In The Robots, released March 15, 2010
Performed by Peter Breeze. Composed by Maxwell Maxwell. Lyrics: Peter Breeze and Maxwell Maxwell. Recorded by Shugar Boy.



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